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Team Forage

Forage Lures is currently seeking enthusiastic social media savvy anglers to help grow our brand Nationwide through Team Forage. 

Can we be honest? The purpose of a Promotional Team is to help us sell baits. A valuable Team Forage member is going to be a good salesperson with a large enough circle of influence to positively impact our sales. Tournament results are important but not the most important thing to us. Do you present yourself professionally? Do you hold office in fishing related organizations such as the BASS Nation or TBF? Do you work with a High School or College fishing program? 

What we are looking for:

Outgoing and Professional personality

Social Media Savvy with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc.

Have a GoPro or similar camera and make your own videos

Tournament fishing credability

Results, team members who can influence sales. 

This is one of our favorite videos. (Hint we are not looking for this guy.)

What we offer:

Team Discounts on baits and apparel which grow with performance.

FREE baits and apparel when sales goals are achieved

You promote us and we promote you through our YouTube videos and social media. We want to help grow YOUR brand.

License to display our brand and logos

Forage Lures has many partnerships with other manufacturers and as a result will be able to offer many Forage Team exclusives on other brands of products. If you work hard for us, we will be a great reference for you to land more deals as well.

Team only Facebook Group to chat with other team members, share lake information, and tips about how to best use Forage Lures.


Do I get free baits? : No, we hand craft each lure one at a time and don't work for free. You can however EARN free baits when your personal code is used to purchase baits on 

Does being on Team Forage mean I have to fish Forage Lures exclusively? : Heck no. We fish other brands of baits ourselves. We just ask that in terms of sponsorships, you do not affiliate with other high end custom painted lure companies. If you can get a deal with Strike King, more power to you. If you are selling Forage Lures, we are happy. You can then send us your 10XDs to be custom painted.

Am I required to buy a certain dollar amount of tackle each year?: There is no specific dollar amount that you are required to buy. You must however be an existing customer to be considered for Team Forage. We would expect you to have a respectable assortment of baits to use, show to others, and capture pictures and video with to share on social media.

How big is my discount? Discounts are determined on a case by case basis. The more you sell and share our products, the better your discount will be and range from 15% to 35%.

How to Apply: Send your resume to Please tell us about yourself, what organizations you belong to. What leadership roles you currently or previously have held. Provide links to your facebook page, twitter feed, YouTube channel, and any social media you participate in. A photo would be helpful as well. Finally, yes, you can tell us about the the tournaments you have won and the trails you fish. As a reminder, You must be an existing customer to be considered for Team Forage which means you have bought at lease one bait from us previously. Why would you want to be on a Pro Staff for a company who's products you have never used?